Winter Ain’t Fall at Jakarta Fashion Week

Sultan Saiful
3 min readAug 31, 2021

As usual, Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 was held from October 19 to 25, 2019. This annual event held in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia. I would say “welcome” to designers, actors and actresses, creators. If we look closely, this event would be the 13th Icon of Indonesia.

Jakarta Fashion Week 2019

No Winter Season in Indonesia

The Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 echoes into the Fashion World, Industry. At this event , the chairman of the Jakarta Fashion Week, Mrs. Svida Alisjahbana, and CEO of Femina Group, said “We enriched the creative repertoire through collaboration across national borders, industries, generations, even across communities. Through joining Jakarta Fashion Week, Ideal Fest, Brightspot in one container, namely ID Creative Week, this celebration of creativity is certainly becoming more magnificent. “

The celebration explained diplomatic relations with Indonesia, Japan Fashion Week Organization and cooperating with Amazon Fashion Week, South Korea, India and Pakistan.

The basic idea was known summer and rainy seasons, or other thoughts which of course were very unusual for winter models to display in Jakarta Fashion Show 2019. Winter only is coming to Europe, Far East ASIA , and winter was not coming in this season, Jakarta Fashion Week 2020.

No winter season in Indonesia
Did Indonesia know winter in the true sense of the word? The vocabulary for winter was not represented among ASEAN words because ASEAN countries naturally only know rain and summer. Both seasons play out in a natural cycle. The rainy season leads to farmers and summer can balance nature to avoid forest fires.
However, nature has inspired designers to work on fabrics, resulting in beautiful floral motifs that grow in Australia and Indonesia. Novita Yunus has been influenced by this. She has brought together the flora of Indonesia and Australia and stitched them together. The fashion style for spring and summer was presented by Darwin Aboriginal Arts Fair Foundation (DAAFF) and Batik Chic.
Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 reverberated in the fashion world, industry. At the event, Jakarta Fashion Week Chairperson Ms. Svida Alisjahbana and CEO of Femina Group said, “We have enriched the creative repertoire by collaborating across national borders, industries