When will We See You again; Fast and Furious 9

Sultan Saiful
2 min readNov 5, 2020

Source ; Youtube

The film ‘Fast and Furious’ has entered its 9th episode. The admirers will watch this film next year . It provides a special note to his fans, namely the monumental and entertaining story. It’s full of euphoria.

Monumental because of this story is supported with the “special impression” that is kept in the hearts of fans, staying something such as memorable . We are always looking to find out the next story.

Entertaining aims and goals wanted to be given to people. The story is not like in the movie ‘Knives out. (Films based on the Agatha Christie Novel). The Fast Saga shares the nuances of adventures supported by technology.

The film is so Powerful

Films described a sense of friendship, loyalty, and family. In the previous story, the film gives a description and unity in a friendship, not rigid and stagnant. Dom (Vin Diesel) reminded us of the meaning of respect to ‘Families’ and ‘Friends’.

Source ; IG of Vin Diesel

The appearance of the latest luxury cars and classic cars are very superior in order to complete the stories.

In the Episode ‘Fast and Furious 7, Dom told his team that We must chase the crime people and no need to wait, because the criminal will find you.

Another thing, the film will be inspiring for business people. In each part, the film has depicted and taught business people at the same time — We should move on progress .

Yes, it is absolutely. From the description above, clearly illustrated, this film is in the list by fans. However, We should be more patient because this film will only be released in May 2021. It’s still too long to go, so the Lovers have to wait . We have to keep an ‘extra patience’ to watch it . Don’t We think like that ?

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