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Pinochio Used as a Symbol against Liars

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Pinocchio literature originated in Italy in 1880 and was completed as a cartoon in 1883. The setting of this story was taken from the fable in its native region, namely the village of San Miniato Basso. Pinocchio is a literary work for children and culture. UNESCO has considered heritage as a literary work. The story of Pinocchio has been translated into more than 240 languages.
What moral message does the work seek to convey?

There are several versions of the stories in the Adventures of Pinocchio. One might think that Pinocchio is a villain who is evil and cruel, who steals and likes to show off, and who betrayed the person who helped him, the carpenter, Mr. Gepetto.
Pinocchio is cunning when he reports the woodcarver to the authorities that the old man has driven him out of the house. Based on his report, the police arrested Gepetto and locked him up.
Pinocchio returned home to Gepetto. Pinocchio sold the fortune that the old man owned. The story continued, Pinocchio committed some lies, cunning and theft. Because of his behavior, his nose was tapered and finally, in another version, Pinocchio, the wooden puppet, was found hanging from a tree in the forest. Pinocchio had been killed. Moreover, it had been done by his own friends.

Epistemology in moral review

Epistemology means knowledge, discourse, is a branch of philosophy, epistemology is the study of knowledge and reasoned belief. Moral epistemology, then, is the study of what it means to know or be justified in believing moral propositions. (Wedgwood, Ralp, 2012)
In real life, moral education is crucial. Pinocchio is a symbol of the creation of a puppet that was created without a sense of love or careful planning. Instead of receiving a moral education, Pinocchio characters are created instantly.
Pinocchio is a character in literature that is a symbol of him wandering the jungle of the world with falseness. He has failed to communicate with his surroundings. He cheered them even though it was a lie. As a result, Pinocchio was not accepted by those around him.
Moral message from the world leader
American President Donald Trump posted a short video on Twitter, illustrating to his followers around the world that the lying, sly ship is aimed at his political opponents. In the video, Pinocchio’s nose is…