Evaluating Your Manuscript: A Guide to Submitting to International Journals

Sultan Saiful
1 min readAug 18, 2023

It also highlights the importance of checking for errors and ensuring that the manuscript meets journal indexing standards.


The goal of this article is to guide how to better evaluate a manuscript before submitting it to an international journal. In submitting a manuscript for publication, it is important to check it for errors and ensure that it meets journal indexing standards. This involves several steps, including considering how the research justifies its continuation and whether it clearly defines and achieves its objectives. The research methods used should be appropriate for the objectives, and the manuscript should be accurate, logical, and written in clear language.

It is also necessary to avoid spending too much time reading theoretical books, as this can be inefficient.

Instead, focus on practicing and improving your research work, as well as evaluating your work and that of others. Do you agree with these suggestions?